Piquant Opinions on Cookie Cutters

Apart from using cookie cutters as guides for different cookie shapes, they can also be used for other pastries or sweets. Even the larger cookie cutters can be used to cut out various shapes of cake. Think of it, creating a teddy bear shaped layered chocolate cake filled with vanilla cream in between would be the absolute joy of any child! And, the best thing about it is that it is not that hard to make. By baking a thin layer of chocolate cake mixture in a rectangular baking tin and cutting them out using teddy bear cookie cutters, you already have prime ingredients that you will need. Whip up some cream in a bowl and sprinkle with vanilla and you already have the vanilla cream. All that is missing is a few chocolate sprinkles and you will have the perfect cake that any child would love to receive.

cookie cutters


Cookie cutters are absolute necessities in anyone’s kitchen. This is why it is important to buy a set of cookie cutters according to different themes. Some of the most popular themes that are out on the market are pastry cutters for Valentines Day, Easter, summer, Halloween and Christmas. However, these utensils are not limited to these occasions alone. There are also pastry cutters on ballet, football, baseball, insects, animals, dinosaurs, fashionable items and dolls. Other important occasions to celebrate with these ingenious cookie cutters are weddings, baptisms and birthdays. So, whether you are celebrating a birthday or your brother’s wedding, these baking pastry cutters can help you celebrate your party to the most.

When I last cleaned out my kitchen, I noticed a whole heap of unused cookie cutters. Stars, hearts, gingerbread men, butterflies, Santa’s faces and Christmas trees were a few of the shapes that were littered on my kitchen floor. It made me realize that there are probably a whole lot more of other people whom have stored away their cookie cutters. However, cookie cutters are not meant for plain baking alone. They can also be used for pancakes or for fun-shaped toast. You can also make further use of these baking utensils by painting them in bright colors and giving them to children. Apart from letting them guess what shape the cutters are, they can also create Play-Doh cookies in different colors. By adorning them with glitter, these cutters may also be used as Christmas decorations. Throwing unused items is not always entirely necessary. Like cookie cutters, they can still be used in many different ways.

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