Points to Consider in Getting Green Card by Marriage

Green Card by MarriageAchieving a green card by marriage is among the best means of obtaining legal residency in theUnited States. In fact, many foreigners give consideration to marrying US residents to fast track their means into permanent residency in theUS. Because there are no quotas or limitations on the number of individuals that can acquire their green cards through marriage, it has become one of the most common methods to get legal residency. Nonetheless, petitioners should also be watchful and fastidious with their applications since affirmation isn’t always sure. You should know that these applications are closely examined and studied to be certain that the particular marriage is legitimate and is not solely done for the reasons of having legal residency. To protect yourself from any difficulties with your green card by marriage process, it is essential to know about the most popular problems which most people make when processing these applications. You need to go to great lengths to prevent yourself from these usual issues which will absolutely result to delays or negative results. Here’s a look at the top ten errors that applicants should prevent when seeking for a green card through marriage.

The inability to arrange for the green card by marriage interview is one of the greatest blunders made by petitioners. Most petitioners may feel that interviews are very easy to undergo, and that all you really need to do is respond to the questions exactly and seriously to secure a green card by marriage. This is true to a certain degree since you really need to tell the truth with your answers. Nonetheless, you have to do the necessary guidelines with regards to your interview because this is the moment when you realistically meet personally with the immigrations representative. Even if you’re sincere with your responses, you could be caught off guard with a few concerns that you have not ready for. A few of these issues could get you wondering for a couple of seconds, which may appear a little off to the interviewer. Even though this might be an honest try to recall the answers on your behalf, this can still make a negative effect. If you have lots of worries and if you feel doubtful with what you say, the immigrations official may possibly suspect that you are lying.

One of the most important supporting information that every petitioner needs to arrange is the Affidavit of Support. When it comes to applying for a green card by marriage, this information is very important since it ensures that the petitioner has sufficient financial assistance and will not be a financial problem to the country. But, most of the applicants don’t really place a lot of concern into the Affidavit of Support since they assume that this is simply another document that won’t be diligently inspected by the certain immigration official. Then again, it’s among the most important information because it seriously shows the condition of financial capacity that the petitioner possesses once the green card will be approved. The sponsor or theUScitizen must submit the correct forms of papers to totally exhibit his or her financial capacity. In relation to this point, a petitioner must be able to put into play his possessions, along with the inclusion of a co-sponsor in the event that he does not fulfill the essential conditions. All of these documents are essential if you don’t wish any difficulties with your green card by marriage process.

There are a lot of problems that you have to refrain from when trying to get a green card by marriage. You need to be on the lookout for these common errors to avoid any troubles with the application. Sadly, a lot of petitioners focus on the larger issues that they fail to take particular notice at the basic mistakes. These issues are the compliance of non-English documents and materials. Some immigrants may deliver supporting information from their home countries which feature dialects aside from English. Make sure to translate these papers to avoid getting dropped. You should also be very meticulous when it comes to filling out your green card by marriage forms, like the selection of the proper groups. There are several types of categories in green card applications, so make sure you pick the best one where you meet all the eligibility conditions. Apart from the basic problems mentioned above, petitioners should also avoid reading immigration laws which were dated in the past. Remember, the immigration laws are improved every now and then, so you should check the most up to date details to prevent any problems with the application.

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